Friday, March 26, 2010

The World According to Peyton

Peyton is my very sweet, smart, and rambunctious five year old. If you were to ask him he is an expert on everything under the sun and keep in mind he is only five. This blog was inspired after a conversation I had with him on the way to work one morning. (I really love to listen to him talk about all the things that he thinks he knows. He is like a sponge he just takes in everything and looses nothing.)

On the way to work this particular morning, he was laying out his plans for life (at five years old). He was telling me about when he grows up and when he gets married (You have to know that he has already picked out the girl!!) and all the life plans that he has at five. I politely told him that he had at least twenty five years before he had to worry about all of these kind of things. I also told him that I would be an old lady by the time he got married.

Peyton got really quiet after that, then after a long pause he look at me and said "Mom you won't be old, you will look the same as you do right now!!" He is convinced that the only people that are changing is he and his little brother and that everyone else is going to stay the same. He thinks that people are the age that they are forever. I mean, if your old you have always been that way. Nobody has ever been a little guy like him. Peyton really associates growing old to dying because he has been told that is what happened to his "Big"Pop. So no one can ever grow old. Peyton's "Big" Pop was one of his favorite people. He often talks about him and how one day he will see him again in heaven with his brand new body.

This same day as I am trying to have a mommy moment and soak in the bubble bath that I had been looking forward to all day, he informs me that when he got old that he would always have his hair. I just busted out laughing. I looked at him and said,"What?" Peyton then proceeds to tell me that he would would always have his hair that he would not be bald like his "Big" Pop was. He said that if his hair started to "go bald" as he called it he would just go to town and buy some more!! I was really rolling by now.

Where in the world does he come up with this stuff?? I wish I knew. His brain is ALWAYS working on something. Peyton and I then had this conversation about how we are made up of little pieces of different people and how God gives all of these pieces when he makes us and sometimes we don't know what we will be like when we get to that point in our lives. I also told him the reason that "Big" Pop didn't have hair was because his Poppy had worried it right off his head. I also told him that his Poppy was thin on top because his Uncle James and his mommy had worried his hair off too. He just laughed at me and said," I won't be bald...because I will just go and buy me some more."

I really love to hear him tell me about all of the things that he perceives to be the truth. It is so innocent and sweet. I wish that I could keep him like that for a little longer but, it seems sometimes that little pieces of that little boy are being chipped away everyday and in his place is being left a little man.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New To the World of Blogging

Today is my first official blog. It is one of those things where all of my friends are doing it so now I have decided to try my hand at blogging. Let's see where this journey takes me!!
I have two little boys ages 5 and 22 months. Sometimes all the male hormones in the house are a little over whelming. I can totally relate to people who have a higher hormone ratio in their house whether it be male or female... being the odd ball out sometimes can be difficult to say the least!! I love to watch my two little ones interact with each other. Sometimes they are each others biggest fans and others I am trying to get them to just not kill each other.
I always thought that my mom was clueless when she told me those many years ago that one day I would "pay for my raising". It turns out that my mom is a pretty wise person. Not only am I paying for my raising I am also paying for the grief that I dealt my parents but also the grief that my younger brother caused. He currently does not have any children and likes to laugh at the trouble that I have with mine and teach them fun little things that drive mom and dad CRAZY!! I keep reminding him that his time is coming and it will come back to him two fold. I can't wait for his turn at the world of being a parent.